Finding your sign!

4 tipps to find your perfect sign!

A sign says it all about a property, whether you are a business, a mall, a restaurant or a store. Are you looking for a new sign for your property? What should you think about before you start looking for a solution? We have collected 4 smart tips that are important to review before ordering a sign.

1. First impression lasts

How do you want others to perceive your business? What feeling do you want to signal? If you are a discount store, you may not want the most premium-rated sign, but that may be exactly what you should have if you are a restaurant that is part of the Michelin guide. Regardless, it is important to start by finding out what purpose you have with the sign, what it should communicate and then sync with the budget you have to move with.

2. Start from your graphic profile

When you are going to produce a new sign, it is important that you start from your graphic profile. Do you have the graphic profile collected? Is there data to use? Do you have a vectorized logo? Is there the right file format and font? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking for the right sign. If you do not have these things in place in your graphic profile, it is good to take the help of experts in the field, so that you have the conditions to create the right sign for your business.

3. Do you have a sign program?

Is there a developed sign program for your property? A signage program should be part of your graphic profile that should contain everything related to signage. You certainly have many fun ideas, but in many cases there is already a strict graphic program developed that you must follow. In that program, you will find not only guidelines for color and shape, but also exactly how and where the sign should sit, what it should look like, what dimensions it should have and what type of lighting is determined. Therefore, it is good if you take part in this sign program before you start sketching your own ideas.

4. Be out well in advance!

Have you received a building permit? Not yet? We know, it can take several months before you get a permit. In addition, the production and installation of signs also takes time, so take the time aspect into your calculations and try to be out in good time.

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