For BPSHOP, we made a fluorescent tube sign manipulating the shape of the tube to the designed form, we also prepared the company sign and created an illuminating box, and were also able to provide solutions for some decorative elements.

We created a number of unique solutions for one of Budapest’s coolest stores. Immediately up on entering the store an illuminated box fixed to the decorative wallpaper welcomes the customers, its surface is wearing the brand name affixed thereon by utilizing inlay solution. The white plexi sheet is surrounded by a simple, black sintered box frame that perfectly harmonizes the shop with black, product-featuring console structures.

The diffuse and illumination linking the outside and the inside of the store has created 3d inscriptions that promote the distributed brands. With respect to these, we paid particular attention to the fact that the colour of the equipment holding the inscriptions to the wall correspond to the colour of the wall. In contrast, the fluorescents labelled on the rear wall surface of the inner compartment were provided with transparent supports to better align with the concrete surface. The filigree letters we used have both a decorative and advertising purpose and it creates a powerful effect on space. In the interior section of the showroom, shoes were placed in vaulted openings, with unusual console structures requiring unique solutions. The shoe racks lifted away from the snow-white background were covered with concealed, flipped back illumination. This gives a special, floating effect to the footwear. Between these two arches there was a highlighted display, a reflective plexi glass back, with a LED vibrating light around it. These side surfaces are not dominated by any signs or other decorations, as the displays themselves have a strong appearance.



Exiting from the inner space, we also made Bpshop a company sign that is indispensable in today’s world. This was done the same way as the inside light box, was made with inlays.

We were delighted to take part in creating the Bpshop’s cool, youthful showroom. Particularly exciting was the production of various illuminating inscriptions and the preparation of its decorative elements.


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