KFC Savoya park

As part of this project, we prepared the illuminating board, 3D inscriptions, directional board and a part of the interior decoration of the KFC drive through restaurant in Savoya park.

During the implementation of this project, the letters and inscriptions as well as the installations were all prepared and performed in line with the company’s strict regulations. Particularly large size box letters affixed to the façade are made of weatherproof materials and technology, in the same way as the illuminating box on which the KFC logo appears. The advertising surface on which the symbol is visible was stained red based on the company’s RAL code. On the plexi front, the logo is displayed on a multi-coloured sticker with UV protection.

Adjacent to the building we erected an illuminating totem, which can be seen from a great distance. Where the interior of the box structure was made with inlaid inscription and sign. The shape of the profile based totem was also made according to exact specifications.



A number of custom-made directional boards were added to help the orientation around the restaurant, which primarily directs traffic in and out of the drive through. These boards and the inscriptions on them, are fitted to the vision and height of the vehicle drivers, and are illuminated after dark, similar to the 3D inscriptions, the totem and the illuminating sign. For ease of use, these are controlled by an automated system connected to a light sensor. If required, however, they can be individually switched on as well.

From among the interior decorative elements we prepared the pictures depicting of fresh products. The table pictures were printed and received a simple, natural wood framing and individual illumination.

Our KFC project required special discipline. In the end, we were fully successful in meeting the company’s high expectations and specifications with respect to decoration and signs. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked together on the Savoya Park Restaurant project as well.


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