Our accomplishments and awards


The purpose of POPAI is to bring trade partners together with suppliers and with their respective POP
producers, complementing them with service providers such as researchers, media and other
professional circles.
The association works on marketing communication at sales locations, understanding and enhancing
efficiency of sales activities, and on development of the industry. In their competition organized each
year, the best professionals are selected in 5 different categories, we recently achieved II. and III. place
and we are very proud of.

We archived II. place at the POPAI Awards Hungary 2014 in the “Durable category” Serial
Number presentation stand
We archived III. place at the POPAI Awards Hungary 2014 in the “Durable category” Ultra-Wide
monitor stand















– OPTEN Kft., “A” classification:

OPTEN Kft., a dominant player in the business and legal information market since 1994, gave an “A”
classification to our company in 2015.
“The diploma holder is one of the most trusted players in business, and the financial risk of establishing
a business relationship with such diploma holder is extremely low!”
The applied risk model ranges from hundreds of variables to companies based on up-to-date data
mining algorithms. In the SME category, our rating was only achieved by 2.2% of Hungarian companies!
Thank you and we are very proud of our achievements!