Directional board

Show your existing and future customers where they can find what they are looking for!

The informational and directional advertisement boards and signs provide numerous opportunities to raise your company’s level of quality, whether outdoors or indoors. We at BePRO keep up with current trends and latest technologies, offering exciting solutions in the area of information and advertising board systems. Our standard information board systems use the international CoSign modules, in which you can place signs in a flexible and informative manner. Get more customers, by directing them to your business! Most common places where you can encounter these directional systems: in all buildings visited by numerous people, where without directional boards it is difficult or not at all possible for visitors to find the right direction: such as, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, public institutions, events.

Types of informational boards

Cosing system
The Cosign model is a popular control system accepted worldwide. Its outdoor use has been fostered by its robust size and weather resistance. Information tables produced in the same colours based on stylistic features offer complete and modern navigation solutions. They are easy to use and signs they display can be easily changed. The panels that can be easily replaced with one move can be made of metal, acrylic and paper. They can be mounted on walls or doors, can be suspended from different surfaces or displayed in space, in double-sided form

Slim Slatz System
With respect to its materials, it is a system of boards made of anodized or natural aluminium profiles. Information signs are placed on plain boards which can be slid in and changed or directly engraved on the surface of the alu or printed on foil. Primarily we offer these solutions for indoor use.

Unique design information system
A unique, contemporary look is accompanied by a unique design. In accordance with your ideas, we prepare your company’s unique information and directional system as well as their inscriptions and decorative elements. We will also assist you, in line with your instructions, with respect to the development of the guidance system that fits in your existing design. When using these special information systems you will not be required to adapt to the traditional directional board structure. The signs may be displayed in form of shadows, as a negative space, as a decorative element and as surface created by printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do certain types of directional boards differ?

Each type of directional board is typically distinguished by the location of their placement and size. Additionally, whether the graphics and letters are illuminated or are given some other unique look.

Where can directional boards be placed?

Outdoor directional systems are typically installed in a free standing fixed to ground manner. Indoors directional systems can be fixed to walls, ceilings, columns or even doors.

What colours and graphics can the tables be ordered in?

The letters placed on the directional boards are typically film-cut, at the same time, at your request, they can be prepared in print. With respect to colours, the RAL colour scale is always the foundation. IN accordance with individual requirements, the letters can be prepared engraved, inlaid or even as negative space.

Can the information be changed in the directional board?

Most of the types bin-formats placed on directional units can easily be replaced on site. This may change with respect to individual designs.

Is there a mobile directional board?

Mobile, movable or temporary directional boards can also be created. With respect to these, like in
case of specific needs and requirements, please contact our expert colleague.


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