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The individual illuminated board types are primarily differentiated based on their location, illumination (exterior or interior), size. The state-of-the-art technology of illuminating advertising signs made with LED panels makes it possible to apply an elegant and slim profile. High-brightness LED advertising boards are distinguished by the number of sides illuminated: one or two sided illuminating boards, the entire surface illuminating box and indirect illuminating letters.

An illuminating board based on a good concept and design, as well as a high-quality advertising board (also known as advertising sign, illuminated board, or illuminating box) is one of the most prominent and most effective visual communication tools for presenting a store or business.

The role of lighting board in shop decorations, samples of our projects

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More detail about our projects…

The illuminating board simultaneously welcomes, informs and invites. From the nature of illuminating boards customers can infer the company’s profile and size, from its production, that is from the quality thereof, customers are able to even infer the economic situation of the given company. It is no coincidence that multinational corporations are paying particular attention to creating their company signs in a uniform and high quality manner at all their business locations. Nowadays, when everybody makes a judgement with respect to anything at first glance, we may not even have to say how important the production and the condition of an illuminating advertisement sign is.


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Illuminating advertisement board summary

NameSurface materialFrame materialSizeIlluminationType of sign
Plate foil with advertising graphicsStainless steel plate + foil nonlargenonadvertisement sign
Plate board with flangeStainless steel plate + foil stainless steellargenincsadvertisement sign
Plexiglass front panel illuminating boardplexi sheetstainless steellargeSMD LEDilluminating board
Stretch foil illuminating advertisement board with aluminium frameoutdoor foilaluminiumlargeSMD LEDIlluminating advertisement board
Plexiglass cover illuminating boxes
plexiplexismall / mid sizeSMD LEDIlluminating box
Profile produced illuminated boarduniqueplexi / uniquesmall / mid size / largeSMD LEDilluminated board and advertisement board

Preparation of unique illuminating advertising board fitting into image

There are plenty of production options available to choose from with respect to the presentation of the company image and brand. It may be made of foam letter, Illuminated letter-box , illuminated or non-illuminated board, neon sign, cantilever company sign, possibly totem column or advertising tower. But even within each of the categories listed, there are also many possible variants. Our expert colleagues assist you in your decision making process by providing relevant advice, that is, the process of creating a definitive design. In addition to the production process we can provide effective support in the design and creation of your logo with the help of our advertising graphic designers to create the best logo and colour scheme for your company. We deliver extremely precise, fast and quality work with respect to the production of illuminating advertisement boards.

Production of the illuminating advertisement board

The illuminating and advertisement boards, advertisement signs are all manufactured in our production facility. They are lightweight but robust and durable as well as weather resistant materials such as aluminium, plexiglass, SMD LED module, outdoor foils. The work usually begins with CNC milling or in our locksmith production plant. Our Locksmith-sheet-processing experts bend the materials with their own hands to the desired letter form on the box’s letter pads based on the template made by the CNC milling machine as a template. However, it is generally said that this industry, due to its unique nature and small number of manufactured advertising boards, makes it difficult to mechanize, meaning that every ready-made light board has a large human resource ratio. After the CNC milling and locksmith work, the front side of the illuminating plates are prepared by our plastic industry specialists. Our electricians install the SMD LED modules designed explicitly for this purpose into the illuminated boards and advertisement signs. Once all the components have been completed, they are assembled in the assembly workshop in to a single product. Our illuminating boards, our advertising boards are usually surface-treated with sintering or powder coating, using a durable, plastic-based painting process. It is important to know that the colour of surface treatment with respect to illuminated boards can only be selected from RAL colour charts.

The rules of installing the illuminated board
Please click here for more information on the placement/installation of the lighting boards, their rules and the relevant government decree.

4 pros for the use of illuminated boards

1. The led illuminated board is brighter

Many companies and business executives choose the LED spotlight on advertising boards because LED advertising boards are much brighter, attracting more attention from a further distance.

2. Led advertisement boards are more durable

Led lighting boards are much more durable than neon signs. Led advertising boards have a longer life span than neon tubes. LED modules can light up to 150,000 hours, their materials are less brittle and require minimal maintenance.

3. The led illuminated board is most economical

Although the price of a Led light board is initially higher than the rest of the advertisement boards, it is still more economical in the long run due to lower power consumption and maintenance costs.

4. Less electricity consumption

The Led light board consumes up to 2 to 4 times less electricity than neon or bulb advertising boards. This will make your business not only colourful but greener with a lower carbon footprint.

The price and return of the illuminating board

The Outdoor Media Association has studied and found that advertising boards and light board advertisements result in high investment returns in all categories, and the larger the budget for external lighting boards and advertisement board, the greater the ROI.

Reaching crowds with the illuminated board

This is a great marketing platform for brands or businesses that are trying to reach a wider audience. Outdoor advertising boards, illuminated advertising boards are public and have access to consumers, who are sometimes difficult to access. Like younger users, busy business people and lower income consumers have no access to traditional media, so the lighting board is a great way to reach them.

Impact of outdoor advertising boards on lighting purchases (Path-to-Purchase)

According to APN Outdoor 70% of sales are made at outside the main shoppers and retail businesses centres. The location is everything that relates to outdoor advertising as it affects all stages of Path-toPurchase. Research by the Outdoor Media Center (OMC) (OMC) shows that outdoor advertising boards and illuminated signs are the most visible advertising material for buyers in the “last influence window”.

Outdoor advertisements are well liked

Unlike most media, buyers actually like advertisement and illuminated boards. According to APN Outdoors’s research, 71% of Australians preferred buses with advertising and 36% of them explicitly welcomed outdoor advertisements and advertisement boards.

The role of illuminated board in brand awareness

85% of customers of companies and business are living or working in the area within a 7-8 km radius. While they travel to work, their children’s school and their shopping they pass the location about 50-60 times per month. Advertising boards and illuminated boards should be designed to attract and guide customers each and every time

The illuminated board and advertising board increase impulse purchases

Despite the fact that today’s consumers have ample financial resources to spend money, few have time to actually spend it. They are too busy to look for or walk around and compare. They are more likely to just stop at the first comfortable place where they presume they can find what they need.

Who hasn’t just gone to the store to buy something they saw it on a billboard?

Best Buy has shown that about 17% of its customers were people who did not intend to stop in and they specifically stopped because they saw the illuminated billboard.

Another example is that advertisement and the illuminated boards can be very effective in influencing customer buying habits, at Belmont Auto Spa in Southern California.

The deal was profitable, but profits were lagging behind expectations. Regrettably, the original billboards, illuminated board, though expensive and well-placed, were badly designed. The lack of colour contrast prevented the message to rise out of the background and they could not be seen or read from a far at all. In addition, as the advertising board did not have a distinctive visual feature which would be referred to as car wash, drivers did not recognize it.

The owner invested $ 15,000 in new, well-designed advertising boards and illuminated signs and dashboards to highlight the special details.

In the first year, the new signboard, lighting board, dashboard system resulted in a 15% revenue increase. The $ 135,000 increase in revenue is nearly nine times the price of the signboard and the light board.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Illuminated boards

How do I order an illuminated board?

We will contact you as soon as possible after receipt of the inquiry, which, we hope and strive to make sure will take place within 1-2 hours of receiving the request. To prepare the exact fee quote of the illuminated board, our project managers will ask you: about the location of the illuminating advertising board, to describe exactly what you are looking to achieve with the illuminated board and will also ask for approximate dimensions, materials and colours to use, and/or that you send your company’s logo (preferably ai, eps , or cdr, possibly in pdf file). If you are unsure of the details, we only need you to tell us about your ideas about the illuminating advertising board and our special and graphic designers will design it for you.

How long does it take to complete the illuminated advertisement board?

Generally speaking, the production time of the individual illuminated board depends on the receipt of the official order, the confirmation of the visual and product designs and the receipt of the advance, about 8 to 15 working days depending on the complexity of the export and the size of the illuminated advertising board. Of course, this is always done individually, with the exact knowledge of the project or the product, and thus there may be deviations in either plus or minus direction.

How much is the consumption of the led illuminated board?

We provide day and night illuminated advertising with the most economical technical solution usomg a LED spotlight. Thanks to the state-of-the-art LED technology, the energy consumption of the illuminated board is a low and long-lasting solution. Approximately 1 square meter surface consumption ~ 35 W.


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