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No matter how well-known your business or restaurant is, your customers will be grateful if they can find you more easily. In addition to tradition, it is now essential for a company equipped above the crowd and hustle and bustle on the streets of big cities.

With its elegant appearance, the logo or signage placed on the company banner draws attention to your business from afar.

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Company types

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Plexi előlapos

This is a company with graphics on the front and back and is illuminated, similar in design to box letters. The aluminum frame holds a Plexiglas sheet on both sides, thanks to which advertising inscriptions or advertising graphics are illuminated on both sides of the box shape. The enclosure of the company logo is typically a circle, square, or ellipse, but a shape can also be selected. It is typically suspended from the side, the size of the diameter usually varies between 60 cm and 100 cm.

Kétoldalas cégér síkban intartziázott előlappal


Patterns, advertising inscriptions or letters cut into the structure of the corporate box appear elegantly, sunk a little below the plane of the surface. Directly below the inlaid aluminum surface, a Plexiglas sheet is placed, which is illuminated from behind, highlighting even the individual letters. Company logos prepared in this way can be one- or two-sided.

Kétoldalas cégér plasztikus intartziázott felirattal

Tér intarzia

In contrast to the traditional marquetry, in this case, a flat panel is not placed behind the cut-out part. The shape of the letters or the logo, filling the cutout, is extruded into space from the flat, box structure. The advertising inscription lights up on all sides of the protruding parts.

Egyedi kivitel


In addition to traditional forms and structures, even in the case of box letters, 3D inscriptions, or decorative surfaces, we also create variations that meet individual needs to the maximum extent. Our colleagues are also at your disposal in the planning and implementation of unusual solutions. Tell us what and how you want to communicate to your customers, and we will visually formulate and shape your message.

Vákuumformázott plexi előlap


The front plate of the company vessel with a circular enclosure is typically shaped into a lens shape. In this way, the advertising inscriptions placed on it stand out intensively. This solution is typically observed in traffic houses. As in the case of these, with this type, it is possible for the company logo to be double-sided, i.e. to show a convex, illuminated surface on both sides. The graphics placed under the lens can also be made by printing or stickers.

Making and manufacturing companies

Nowadays, the production of classic, traditional company vessels is becoming rarer. On the other hand, in the case of working, catering or business premises with extended opening hours, company signs with illuminated internal structures, which ensure excellent visibility even in the evening hours, come to the fore. In terms of their shape, structure and production technology, these company vessels are very similar to light boxes. The internal light source is almost always LED, which provides an economical and efficient solution for displaying the logo.

Since company signs are typically placed on facades – with the exception of department store signs – all elements of their structure are weatherproof. Our electrician colleagues take care of electrical connections with appropriate IP protection, and the frame structures are always made of stainless, UV-resistant materials. The metal surfaces are colored using color separation, and their final shades can be selected from the RAL color scale.

Első lépések a cégér tervezésnél

First of all, it is important to think about whether a classic, modern or completely unique logo would be the most suitable for your business. In the decision, it is worth considering the image elements of the business and the features of the neighborhood where you want to place the company. If you are unsure about these questions, our expert colleagues and designers will be happy to help you choose the right path.

Another important aspect is the consideration of the built environment. It is worth checking the area and the local regulations regarding the display of advertising signs or company flags. This can be especially important in old city districts or listed buildings. In these parts of the city, it may also happen that the material or form of the company logo is also bound by certain rules. You can find relevant information in the building regulations of local governments and in the OTÉK collection.

At the same time, you don’t have to give up creating a company logo even in the case of strict regulations or complicated ideas. Our creative team will find the best solution.

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For whom and why is a good company important?

Company signs have been essential elements of the city streetscape since the Middle Ages. In this bustling environment, it is especially important for shops and catering establishments that their business has the right appearance. Company signs installed perpendicular to the facade are excellent for this purpose, as they can be seen from the most unusual angles when looking into a street.

What are the different types of corporate values?

The individual company vessels typically differ from each other in their shape, as well as in the material of their front panel and its processing. Their enclosing shape can be a circle, ellipse, rectangle, or even a shape. Their surface can be made of inlaid aluminum or plexiglass. While they can be illuminated on the entire surface or only in the area of ​​letters and inscriptions.

Is there a maximum size for the company?

Due to the production technology, there is no maximum frame size for company signs, and we can make the letters, logos and inscriptions placed on them in almost any size. At the same time, from the point of view of store decoration and aesthetics, we recommend that the size of the company sign does not exceed the maximum inclusive size of 60 x 100 cm.

What kind of graphics can cost the company?

The company’s graphics or letters can be made by letter cutting or printing. In the case of the former, the letter stickers are cut out of material of one color. In this way, we can create one-color advertising labels or a colored interface without transitions. In the case of printing, practically photo-quality graphics can also be charged to the company.

Who supplies the cantilever support structure for the company?

The BePro team is in control of the entire production process, so we also make the mounting brackets for the company’s vessels, and our colleagues also do the installation.

How can the company's lighting be controlled?

If required, the lighting of the company premises can be switched on and off manually from our premises, or automatically with the help of a light sensor, or with a combination of these. Adequate lighting is especially important in poor lighting conditions, in order to ensure sufficient visibility of the letters. The automatic light sensor takes into account not only day and night, but also changes in weather conditions.