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A successful team of designers, project managers, manufacturers and decorators!

BePRO is a successful team of professional designers, project managers, production specialists and decorators. We cover all areas of advertising equipment production: foam lettering, illuminated box letters, illuminated or non-illuminated signs, neon signs, cantilever company signs, possibly totem poles or advertising towers. From image design to visual elements and production to on-site installation and maintenance, we provide maximum performance.

“I founded BEPRO Signfactory in 2011. Based on the agency model, the company’s goal from the beginning was to maximize value creation by improving communication between customers and manufacturers, increasing the quality of customer service and ensuring the quality of our products.
However, I quickly realized that the virtues valued most by customers, such as quality, deadlines, and favorable prices, can only be guaranteed if the company has its own production capacity. Accordingly, in 2012 I set up my own production plant in Halásztel near Budapest.
In the spring of 2017, a significant change took place, when the various workshop departments and the headquarters moved to their current location, XI. moved to a district in Budapest.”
Today, BEPRO Signfactory is one of the most advanced and dynamically developing advertising companies in Hungary. With our modern production capacity, we produce the highest quality products, and our professionals guarantee a high level of customer service and successful project implementation.

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The continuous good communication between our companies and the high-level professional support of the BePro team facilitated smooth production, preparation and installation. The quality of the installed and delivered products met the high standards we expected. They always show up at the agreed time as planned, and the time needed to complete the work is excellent. In the case of several locations, the work is well organized and planned. They respond quickly to possible breakdowns and damage repairs.

Szerencsejáték Zrt.

We started working with BePro Signfactory Kft in 2017, already then it stood out from the other bidding companies with its fast and correct communication. The first successfully executed order was followed by the rest. They no longer only deliver to our locations in Hungary, but we also order facade logos of our halls in neighboring countries from them internationally.


The cooperation between our companies goes back decades, and our partnership has only strengthened over the years. The BePro team has developed with the industry and adapted to our needs, thanks to which we continue to treat them as a strategic partner.
The quality of the installed and delivered products always reaches the high standard we expect, which can be achieved due to the high-level professional support provided during production, preparation and installation.

AmRest Kft.

Our interactive office bulletin board was made to a high standard with creative solutions by the BEPRO team. The willing cooperation and professional advice of the project manager helped to achieve the optimal result. The decorator colleagues were polite, flexible, and attentive to our needs.

Kiss Viktoria

I have experienced a maximally flexible attitude from BePro that treats the customer's satisfaction as an absolute priority during the joint work, even though the working conditions are generally not ideal.

Szlovák János

Experienced team

The structure of our company

We have designed our structure in such a way that we can manage our projects as efficiently as possible and thereby serve our customers!