Gellert Bene

Assembly, external assembly team leader
A good sign installation coordinator is organized and precise, efficiently managing the sign installation process from start to finish. With excellent communication and problem-solving skills, you collaborate effectively with the team and clients, ensuring smooth and quality work.
  • Cím :
    Budapest, Hungary
  • Tapasztalat :
    10 years

About me

My qualification is a wireline telecommunications technician, thanks to which I was initially involved in the management of the company, and then slowly worked my way up to the production manager’s seat. At the moment, I manage the assembly and installation team. I have always been actively involved in the entire field of production, there is not really an area where I have not worked. I like challenges and there are plenty of them in this job, but it’s a great feeling when we successfully complete a job.


Speed 90%
Accuracy 90%
Flexibility 100%
Problem solving 100%


Place of work

Bepro Signfactory Kft.
1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 183.

Career start

I fell into advertising sign production at Bepro 10 years ago, before that I worked in completely different fields.


More than 4 years of professional experience in the field of coordination.