Regardless of the platform you select to showcase your brand, in addition to a well-crafted and tangible plan, you will also need a flexible, fast and committed team. You found it!
Our professional team can perfect your concept regardless of whether it is a simple outline or a very complex idea. The style, content and trust are combined in our work.
We build the strategy to ensure that your brand reaches the intended audience!




Projects that require the creation of a unique design, the designing of a unique advertising signs and
appropriate inscriptions, are approached by our motivated team by applying the approaches the taskoriented design approach.

  • 3D visualizations
  • design of unique advertising board
  • photo-realistic tenders about conceptual products
  • design drawings, computer 3D models, to ensure that each point is consistent with the concept of the customer
  • advertising graphics designed free of charge to indicate what illuminating letters, advertising banners, or name plates will look like; thereby assisting the client in the decision making process
  • assembly diagrams, assembly guides
  • design based on energy efficiency considerations
  • assessment of office decorations and various decorative tasks





  • excellent expert colleagues, decades of experience
  • innovative and sustainable manufacturing technologies
  • energy-efficient products
  • exclusive use of quality, highly proven raw materials
  • quality LED technology
  • high internal quality standards
  • full compliance with European standards
  • durable, high quality end products



Creating a unique advertising board by experienced designers, graphic designers, contractors using state of the art printing technology are far from being able to create a new brand or a unique style for a business. Consequently we created a powerful and unified team of designers, advertising graphic designers, decorators, advertising professionals. We communicate well with our clients and thus after you assigned the work you can just sit back and relax.

  • our project manager colleagues having considerable expertise and professional experience support the entire design process
  • they keep customers informed and updated about the development of each project via telephone and email
  • our customers can explain and deliver their requests through one dedicated project manager, who is an expert in the particular area, thus capable of providing relevant and effective issue management





From decoration and signs to illuminating signs and large advertising totems we place everything into operation at the site. Following an accurate technical assessment, our designers of unique
advertising signs, our decorators and mechanics perform the full process involving company sign manufacturing. We also deliver the manufactured products, signboards across the country or abroad, as required by our clients.

  • own installation team
  • installations throughout Europe
  • accurate site survey, taking into consideration statistical, aesthetic, and assembly aspects
  • on-site electrical installations where necessary
  • placing into operation of equipment, handover after the product is fully operational



  • expert advice on the feasibility of product or vision
  • design recommendations and suggestions
  • prototype production, sampling, in case of series production



  • professional, damage free packaging of products
  • delivery to any country in the world
  • service and maintenance in the territory of Europe, via own maintenance team



  • compilation of urban and building permit documentation
  • administration of construction permit
  • administration of of land-use permits
  • compliance with legal requirements

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