Channel letter signs

Letter box signs

A channel letter sign, also known as a box letter sign, is a popular and effective way for businesses and companies to create striking and attractive outdoor advertising.

This type of sign is extremely versatile and allows businesses to create a unique and eye-catching look for their store.

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Case types

Letter sign

Forward lighting

Box-letter signs equipped with front panel lighting give buildings and shops a modern and attention-grabbing appearance. These signs are clearly visible day and night and emphasize the name of the building or business, attracting the attention of the surrounding people. Thanks to LED lighting, they are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them an ideal solution for outdoor advertising and signboards.

Letter sign

Backward lighting

The inscriptions in box letters with indirect lighting provide a subtle and elegant appearance on the facades of buildings. The backlighting makes the shadows of the letters and logos stand out nicely, making the building or shop unique and attractive. This stylish solution is particularly suitable for locations where minimalism and clean design play an important role.

Letter sign

Front and back illuminated

Box letters with combined indirect lighting on the front and background provide a stylish and effective solution on the facades of buildings. These signs highlight the name of the building or the business at the same time, while the background lighting makes them even more prominent at night. This dual lighting solution gives a sophisticated and modern look that attracts attention and makes the building or business memorable.

Letter sign


Box-letter signs mounted without lighting represent a traditional approach to highlighting the name of a building or business. These simple yet effective solutions primarily provide information during the day and may be suitable for locations where lights may be too distracting. Although they do not attract attention at night, they contribute to creating the image of the building or shop with their timeless appearance.

Letter sign

Plate letter

The value of plate letter inscriptions lies in their simplicity and durability. These robust letters are highly resistant to weather and outdoor conditions. Although they do not have their own lighting, they are easy to see and read, so they effectively communicate the name of the building or business.

Production of channel letter signs in our own workshop!

Depending on the material used, the production of advertising signs begins in our own production plant. In terms of raw materials, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plexiglass offer a light, durable, yet weatherproof solution. In contrast to these, we recommend decorations made of polystyrene foam indoors. In the case of aluminum, the work usually starts with CNC milling or in the locksmith’s factory.

After that, our specialists mold the metal casings into their final shape by hand, based on a template. Meanwhile, the processing of the Plexiglas parts of the box letters is carried out by our specialists in the plastics industry. In the case of aluminum, the final surface treatment task is a durable, plastic-based painting process called powder spraying. It is important to note that the color of the surface treatment can only be selected from the RAL color scale.

Why channel letter signs are good for your business?

  • Excellent visibility: The channel letter sign provides excellent visibility both during the day and at night. Illuminated from the front or back, the letters are easy to spot and attract attention, helping to differentiate the company from the competition.
  • Flexibility: The channel letter sign allows businesses to create a unique look for their store. The shape, color and font of the letters can be chosen freely, so companies can customize the inscription according to their own brand identity and style.
  • Durability and energy efficiency: Letters made of aluminum sheet are durable and resistant to environmental influences. The low energy consumption of LED light sources results in long-term cost savings.

Box lettering is an effective and visual solution for businesses to create outstanding advertising. Thanks to the versatility, uniqueness and excellent visibility of signs, companies can increase the attention of customers, contributing to the success of their business.

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What are the differences between the different types of box letters?

Basically, the individual three-dimensional, plastic letters are distinguished by the appearance of the lighting. There are 3d letters that only light up on their front face, or those that cover the wall behind them with scattered light, while certain solutions offer a combination of these two types of lighting. Other profiles radiate light over their entire surface, or perhaps the bent light tube placed on the body of the font draws attention to itself. In addition to the direct visual appearance, it is also important that the elements are mounted with spacers or directly on the wall. In terms of their base material and structure, what size limitations and possibilities do they have

What is the procedure for ordering a box letter, 3D inscription?

After you have decided how big and where you want to have the 3D advertising sign made, our colleagues will ask you for a vector logo. If this is not available to you, you have the option of a personal consultation with our advertising graphics colleague. After determining the size and location, the appropriate PROFILE is selected. Based on all of this, we will prepare a quotation for production and installation. After this is accepted, the order will be placed against a 50% deposit. Finally, after payment, the finished product is installed.
In the case of unique ideas, our colleagues will accompany you through the processes until the last step.

How long does it take to make the box letter?

Our box letters and complex advertising inscriptions are produced within 10-15 working days from the order, depending on the size and design.

How much does the illuminated 3D sign, box letter consume?

Since it depends on both the size per letter and the size of the entire graphic, it is difficult to determine exactly. As a guide, we can say that for a letter height of 30 cm, we can count on 10 watts for one character. This can be said to be very economical even compared to our traditional home lighting. At the same time, the consumption increases in direct proportion with the increase in the size of the 3d letters.