Consulting & prototype production

  • expert advice regarding the feasibility of the product or idea
  • formulation of implementation proposals and recommendations
  • in the case of prototype production, sampling, serial production

Logistics, service & maintenance

  • professional, damage-free packaging of products
  • delivery to any country in the world
  • service and maintenance in Europe, with our own maintenance teams

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What to do with an already installed sign?

Maintenance and servicing of illuminated signs is important to keep them long-lasting and functioning optimally.

  1. Regular cleaning: The illuminated sign should be cleaned from time to time to remove dust, dirt and other deposits.
  2. Inspection of lighting elements: Lighting elements such as neon tubes or LEDs should be inspected to ensure that they are working properly. Faded or defective lighting elements must be replaced so that the sign continues to emit intense light.
  3. Checking Electrical Connections: Electrical connections should be checked periodically to ensure proper power supply and safe operation.
  4. Refurbishment and upgrade: If the illuminated sign is aged or damaged, refurbishment or upgrade may be considered. This can be the replacement of the light sources or the electrical system, the renovation of the external covering or even the updating of the design. With the help of renovation, we can restore the original brightness and attractiveness of the sign.
  5. Involve a specialist: If we do not have the appropriate expertise or tools, it is worth involving a specialist in the maintenance, servicing or renovation. A professional helps to preserve the efficiency and aesthetic value of the illuminated sign, as well as to carry out the necessary work safely.