Modern and tall

Advertising tower

Advertising towers highlight the urban landscape in an impressive way, as tall and modern structures. These tower-fixed signs offer exciting and dynamic advertising opportunities that immediately attract attention with their huge size.

The combination of creative graphics and bright colors broadcasts the message far and wide and highlights the unique character of the urban environment.

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The process of making an advertising tower

  • Design and Conceptualization: What types of illuminated signs will you be holding? How big and tall will the tower be? What is the placement location and environment?
  • Structural design: The supporting structure is designed to support the illuminated signs and ensure stability and safety, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  • Material selection and production: Materials must be durable, weatherproof and light. Steel, aluminum or other structural materials may be suitable.
  • Installation of LED Lighting: The LED lighting system is installed in the structure of the tower. At this stage, electronic design may be required to properly control and power the LEDs.
  • Attaching Illuminated Signs: Attach the planned illuminated signs to the tower structure. It is important that illuminated signs are firmly and securely fixed to withstand extreme weather conditions and other external influences.
  • Electronics and Control System: Install the electronic system that allows the control and management of the illuminated signs.
  • Testing and Quality Control: The completed tower is thoroughly tested to ensure that all components function properly and meet durability and safety requirements.

The importance of the advertising tower


Visibility and Attention

Illuminated signs mounted on the tower rise above the city skyline and are visible from afar and attract attention in an impressive way. These imposing structures catch people's eyes from afar, making them ideal for brands and advertisers to effectively convey their messages to the general public.

Visual Experience and Memorability

The illuminated signs mounted on the tower become a unique part of the urban environment with their creative and spectacular design. Bright colors, dynamic movements and impressive graphics leave a deep mark in the memory of city dwellers and tourists, increasing the memorability of the advertised message or brand.

Advertising effectiveness and Branding

Due to their enormous size and visual appeal, the illuminated signs mounted on the tower provide outstanding advertising surfaces for companies and brands. These boards enable effective and creative communication of messages, helping companies to make a powerful presence in the eyes of the public and strengthen brand loyalty.

Night Lighting and Mood

The night appearance of the illuminated signs mounted on the tower creates a unique and atmospheric city panorama. These lighting elements contribute to the vibrancy and appeal of the city's nightlife, creating an atmosphere that attracts residents and visitors alike.

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What kind of advertising towers are there?

Advertising towers come in many shapes and sizes and are usually made for companies or brands to advertise their products or services in a prominent and effective way. Some of them:

  1. Digital advertising towers: These are tower-shaped structures that have a large surface digital display on the building or along the roads. Digital displays allow the display of moving images, videos and other dynamic advertisements.
  2. LED walls: These are tower-shaped structures that cover their entire surface with LED walls so that advertisements and graphics are clearly visible even from a great distance.
  3. Traditional pole advertisements: These are tall poles or tower-shaped structures on which large posters are traditionally placed. These posters can be paintings, posters or other printed materials.
  4. Rotating Mast Advertisements: These tower-shaped advertisements are structures in which the advertising panels or displays rotate continuously to attract the attention of passers-by even more.
  5. Interactive advertising towers: These are tower-shaped structures that are equipped with touch screens or other interactive features so that people can directly interact with advertising or information.
  6. Custom Design Advertising Towers: These are uniquely designed tower-shaped advertising that are specially designed and built to suit the needs of a particular location or company.

These are just a few examples of the different types of advertising towers. The choice depends on the specific location, target audience, budget and other factors that can affect advertising effectiveness and visibility.

What kind of lighting can be installed on an advertising tower?

Advertising tower lighting plays an important role in attracting attention and visibility, especially at night or in poor lighting conditions. Some common lighting solutions for advertising towers:

  1. Backlighting: This solution is based on lighting the tower with light sources (usually LED lights) placed behind or around the advertising tower so that it is clearly visible even in the evening or at night. This makes the shape and inscription of the tower stand out from the background.
  2. Foreground lighting: With the help of lighting elements placed at the front or side of the advertising tower, the inscription or graphic in the foreground is highlighted. This increases the impact and readability of the advertisement, especially in darker environments.
  3. Perimeter lighting: Some advertising towers are designed to emphasize the shape and contours of the tower with lighting elements placed along their frame or perimeter, which can provide an attractive sight at night.
  4. LED displays: LED displays placed on advertising towers make it possible to display moving or changing messages, graphics or even videos. This provides a more dynamic and interactive display for the advertising tower.
  5. Color-changing lighting: With the help of RGB LED light sources, the lighting of the advertising tower can be colorful and can even automatically change between different colors, which can attract extra attention.

It is important that the lighting of the advertising tower is clearly visible, but not blinding or disturbing. Energy efficiency and durability are also important aspects when choosing lighting solutions. The right lighting can help the advertising tower effectively communicate its message and attract the attention of the target audience.

The general height of an advertising tower

The height of advertising towers can vary depending on the purpose for which they are built and where they are placed. In general, the height of advertising towers can usually be several meters in order to be clearly visible to people driving in that area or route. Their height can usually range from 5 meters to more than 50 meters.

For example:

  • Advertising towers 5-10 meters high can usually be found in small towns or urban areas.
  • Advertising towers located in larger cities or along busy routes can often exceed 20-30 meters in height.
  • Advertising towers up to 40-50 meters high can be found in very busy urban areas or near shopping centers.

For each project, the height of the advertising tower is determined based on the characteristics of the given area, building regulations and the goals of companies or brands. It can also be an important aspect that the height of the tower stands out from the environment, so that it is clearly visible, but not too dominant or disturbing.