Totem signs

You can’t help but notice. An imaginative and precisely created totem pole will be a representative advertising tool for your business. It is outstanding in every sense of the word, has an overwhelming appearance, and visually advertises the level of its brand even from a considerable distance. Take advantage of the advertising totem!

The advertising tower and outdoor totem pole provide a location-independent solution for your business. You don’t have to think about which wall of your office building you can optimally place an advertising or information surface on and how many people will notice it. Choose the area where your customers will visit most and most often in the future, then install the totem pole advertising your company there.

Totem pole is independent attraction


Illuminated totem

These signs have internal lighting that allows them to be clearly visible even at night. The use of LED panels or neon tubes provides excellent brightness and energy efficiency.


Non-illuminated totems

These signs do not have internal lighting, but with the help of material selection and design, we can achieve a spectacular appearance and effect. The texture, color and shape of the materials determine the attractiveness of the inscription.


Totem with display

Digital totem signs provide an opportunity to display digital content. These signs have a display, touch-sensitive display, or interactive elements that allow the audience to proceed, such as asking for information.


Unique totems

Custom totem signs are personalized signs that are usually used by shops, businesses or institutions. These signs can be company logos, information or guides to help people navigate and identify the place.

Why is the totem inscription good?

  • Outstanding view: The totem inscriptions are located in higher places, so they can be seen from afar and stand out from the environment. This allows businesses to effectively communicate their messages and capture the attention of their audience.
  • Reinforce Brand Image: Totem signs allow businesses to reinforce and present their brand. Unique design and the use of the company's logo or symbols help in identification and building brand loyalty.
  • Flexibility: Totem signs can be easily customized according to the needs of businesses. They can be made of different sizes, shapes and materials, and it is also possible to add lighting or other visual elements.

Totem pole, advertising tower is the outstanding marketing tool

Totem signs are powerful tools for businesses to stand out from the crowd and communicate their messages effectively. Due to the appropriate design, material selection and production process, totem signs provide a spectacular and attractive appearance. In addition to illuminated or non-illuminated totem signs, there are also interactive versions that allow for audience involvement and interaction.

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What material is the advertising totem sign made of?

Advertising totems can often be made of different materials depending on the purpose and environment they are designed for. Some common materials include:

  1. Metal: For example aluminum, stainless steel or metal boxes. These can be durable and long lasting.
  2. Plastic: A light, easy-to-shape material that is available in many colors. The material used can be PVC, acrylic or polycarbonate.
  3. Wood: If a natural look is preferred, wood can also be used. Different types and thicknesses of wood can be used to achieve the desired look.
  4. Glass: Glass eggs or glass sheets can also be used, especially if the design is modern and clean.
  5. Textile: There are also advertising totems made of fabric, which can have easily replaceable inscriptions or graphics.
  6. Composite materials: Materials that are specifically used in the advertising industry, such as aluminum composite panel (ACP), which is a thick, flat, light and strong material.

The most common choices are acrylic or metal, as they are easy to work with and durable. The choice of material depends on the budget, the intended area of ​​use and design preferences.

What kind of lighting can be used to mount an advertising totem sign?

There are many different lighting options for advertising totems, some of which include:

  1. Backlighting: One popular method is backlighting behind the inscription. This is usually achieved with LED light sources, which are both energy-efficient and long-lasting. The backlight highlights the inscription and makes it clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions.
  2. Forelighting: During foreground lighting, light sources are located in front of the inscription or graphic. This allows for sharper rendering of subtitles and the creation of spatial effects.
  3. Perimeter lighting: In this case, the frame or rim around the advertising totem lights up. As a result, the contours of the totem as a whole stand out in the dark, which can provide an attractive sight.
  4. LED displays: Some advertising totems also include LED displays that display moving or changing messages, graphics or videos. These are great for attracting attention and delivering dynamic messages.
  5. Colored lighting: LED technology also enables colored lighting, so inscriptions or graphics can shine in different colors, which increases visibility and attention-grabbing.

The choice of lighting depends on the design of the particular totem, the purpose of use and the desired effect. It is important to consider energy saving, durability and adequate visibility of the inscription or graphics both during the day and at night.

What businesses do we recommend the advertising totem sign for?

Promotional totems are widely used and can be beneficial to many businesses to increase brand awareness, promote products or services, and promote business. Some businesses for which advertising totem signs can be particularly recommended:

  1. Retail stores: For example, shops, shopping centers, supermarkets, for which it is important to display the front of the store attractively and attract the attention of customers.
  2. Providers: E.g. restaurants, cafes, hotels, pharmacies, banks, where it is important to emphasize the corporate identity and inform customers about the available services.
  3. Car showrooms and gas stations: In the automotive industry and gas stations, it is important to present vehicles and products and draw customers’ attention to current offers.
  4. Real estate agencies: For real estate agencies, advertising totems offer a good opportunity to display ads for the sale or letting of real estate.
  5. Sports centers and leisure facilities: For example, fitness room, swimming pool, cinema, amusement parks, where the promotion of programs, events or promotions is important.
  6. Public institutions: Schools, universities, hospitals, public administration buildings, where it is important to display information and instructions for visitors.

These are just a few examples of the potential uses of advertising totems. It can be beneficial for practically any business that needs a visual and effective appearance to support their business.