Wall and glass decorations

Wall and glass decorations in offices not only make the environment aesthetically attractive, but also have a positive effect on the productivity and mood of employees.

In addition, glass decorations enhance the feeling of space through their transparency and facilitate the entry of natural light into the offices, which improves the entire working atmosphere.

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Wall decoration

These can be wall stickers, wall decorations, wooden sculptures or wall clocks that can contain inscriptions, inspirational quotes, company logos or unique designs.


Glass film

Letters printed on acrylic or glass sheets, which can create a transparent or matte effect and give your office an elegant look.

The process of making wall and glass decorations

  • Design and concept development: When designing office decorations, it is important to consider the style of the office environment and design the work environment purposefully. Decorative elements, messages or logos that match the purpose must be selected.
  • Obtaining permits: If the office decorations are placed directly on the walls or window panes, prior permits may be required from the company management or the landlord. This is especially important if the decoration is placed permanently or permanently.
  • Procurement of materials and tools: Let's acquire the materials and tools needed for the decorative elements to be used in the office environment. In the case of glass decorations, for example, glass paint, stencils or self-adhesive stickers can be used, while in the case of wall decorations, paints, brushes and wall fixing devices can be used.
  • Preparation and cleaning: We prepare the surfaces where the decorations will be placed. When we make glass decorations, we carefully clean the glass surfaces so that the materials adhere well. If we make the decoration on the wall, check the smoothness and cleanliness of the wall.
  • Decoration: The designed patterns, messages or logos are applied to the glass or the wall using the chosen technique (e.g. painting, sticking stickers, etc.).
  • Protection and fixation: If necessary, treat the decoration with a protective coating to ensure a longer life. When placing decorations on a wall, secure them properly so that they stay securely and permanently in place.

The importance of wall and glass decoration


Mood improvement

Office decorations help brighten up the office environment and create a positive atmosphere. The right colors, motifs and inspirational messages raise the mood of employees, which can contribute to increasing the productivity and creativity of the entire office.

Motivation and inspiration

Properly selected decorations can inspire employees and remind them of company goals and values. Motivational messages, positive mottos or inspiring images remind people to achieve their goals, which can have a stimulating effect on their work.

Improving the working environment

Designing wall and glass decorations can help improve the office environment. Glass decorations, for example, create a better sense of space through their transparency, allowing more natural light to flow into the office.

Branding and appearance

Office decorations provide an opportunity to display the company's brand and image. By using logos, company colors and unique graphic elements, the office can create its own unique appearance, which contributes to strengthening the company's uniform appearance.

Customer and partner influence

During the visits of clients and business partners, the environment of the office can also be an influencing factor. A pleasant and inspiring office environment creates a positive impression and strengthens the company's credibility and professionalism.

Team building and community creation

Co-designed or custom decorations can create a sense of team building and community among employees. Having employees participate in creating the decorations can be a memorable and positive experience for them.

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How are the decorative elements placed?

As with all our other products, our colleagues carry out the precise and accurate application and sealing of stickers, decorative wallpaper and glass foils. This way, you can be sure that the inscriptions and letters will be placed perfectly in relation to each other.

What graphics can be printed on the glass film?

In addition to single-color, plotter-cut foils, photo-quality graphics, graphic letters or even specific photos, other unique inscriptions and stickers can be applied to the glass foils.

What sticker can be placed in the shop window?

Any graphics made by printing or plotter cutting can be applied to the glass surfaces of the shop windows. In this case, we pay particular attention to ensure that the stickers are provided with adequate UV protection, which prevents chipping and color fading in the long term.

I want a decoration, but I don't have an idea.

If you don’t have a specific idea and you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out the right design, but you want to spice up your business or office, feel free to contact us. Our graphic colleagues will create the visual world of the decoration according to your needs, and after printing, we will put up the prepared stickers, decorative wallpaper or foils for you.

What types of printed wall and glass decorations are there?

Printed wall and glass decorations are available in many shapes and styles. Some of them:

  1. Photo wallpapers: These are large printed wallpapers that show different images, patterns or designs. Photo wallpapers can be landscapes, city panoramas, abstract patterns or other themes.
  2. Posters: Large posters printed on a variety of subjects, such as art reproductions, movie posters, inspirational quotes, or nature photos.
  3. Wall Stickers and Wall Transfers: These are self-adhesive stickers or transfers that are printed with different patterns, symbols, quotes or other designs. They are easy to install on the wall and easy to remove without causing any damage to the wall.
  4. Paintings on a glass surface: Printed paintings can be printed directly on a glass surface, so it is possible to decorate individual glass surfaces in different themes and styles.
  5. Glass mosaics: Printed glass mosaics are printed glass sheets made up of small pieces of glass and are available in a variety of patterns or designs.
  6. Glass engraving: With the help of special printing techniques, it is also possible to engrave glass surfaces, for example, to print texts, patterns or images on the surface of the glass.

These are just a few examples of printed wall and glass decorations, and there are many other options to satisfy a variety of styles and themes. Printed decorations can be a great way to create a unique and personal touch in a space.