Csaba Máté

Sales manager
A good salesperson is confident and has excellent communication skills, able to empathically understand customer needs and problems, and effectively present the product or service, as a result of which he builds successful business relationships and achieves results.
  • Cím :
    Budapest, Hungary
  • Tapasztalat :
    10 years

About me

Since childhood, I have been interested in advertising and the external display of information. Thanks to my past in the printing industry, I was close to the office, as well as the implementation of shop window decorations. I got to know the production and construction of informational and illuminated signs at BEPRO.

I worked as a production manager at Bepro for 4 years. Thanks to this, I got to know all the production technologies. With this knowledge, I can recommend suitable products to our customers based on my experience.


Speed 80%
Accuracy 90%
Flexibility 100%
Problem solving 100%


Place of work

Bepro Signfactory Kft.
1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 183.

Career start

In the printing industry, at a family business.


More than 6 years of professional experience in sales.