Totem column, advertising towers

Totem column, advertising tower

It is impossible not to notice. An imaginative and precise totem column will be a representative advertising tool for your business. Outstanding in every sense of the word, it has a high-impact appearance, and it spectacularly promotes the standard of its brand even from a long distance. Take advantage of the benefits of the advertising totem! An exquisitely designed and high-quality manufactured totem attracts people’s gaze and they become familiar with the essence of your business at blink of an eye.

Totem column is an independent attraction

The advertising tower and outdoor totem column provide a space-free solution for your business. You do not have to think about which wall of your office building to place optimally advertising on, or to use as an informational surface or about how many people will notice it. Choose the area where most of your customers will most often will be, and then install the totem column that advertises your business.

Placement of the totem column.

The totem column and advertising tower work just like a lighthouse, showing your customers the direction to your business and lifting you out of the crowed. Placing it on busy express ways or in a large car parking areas, where the totem rises above the roadway, is a colourful and commanding view illuminating at your instructions and it can be seen by travellers from far away. In addition, a multi-sided totem pole ensures that your advertisement is clearly visible from all angles.

Totem column is a flexible and long-lasting solution at the same time.

A giant advertising tower is an excellent solution for any shopping complexes, as the advertising surfaces promoting each company can be placed as individual units on its structure.
The advantage of this modular system is that, in case of any change, the units can easily be replaced, expanded or simply removed. As a result, you may have found the right, eye-catching solution for your business for decades

Totem column and advertising tower is an effective marketing tool.

The advertising tower is not only good to show direction. These advertising tools play an active role in introducing the company’s image, but can also help to strengthen the presence of an existing brand. With the help of advertising towers, you can call attention to your special promotions and newly opened stores through the use of sophisticated visual tools, from each point of the compass. It simultaneously highlights and makes your business visible to your prospective clients in an area which they frequent the most.

Emblematic reception with totem column and advertising tower

The shape and design of the totem columns make it possible to use them for purposes other than just as an advertising surface. An exquisitely designed, elegant outdoor totem column located at the entrance of your business, offers your customers an appropriate reception while expressing the presence of your company representatively. Corporate image elements can appear on flat, convex or curved surfaces, single or double-sided.

Design and production of unique totem column

Our designer colleagues will assist you in designing a unique glass or illuminating totem column. You have no specific design, but you the effect you intend to achieve? Ask for the assistance of our professional design and technical teams to bring your concept to live from concept to technical design.

Easy-to-use information services with illuminating advertising tower day and night

Although many people are unaware of the fact that the light-emitting signs of gas stations are also classified as adverts and outdoor totem columns. Certain types of illuminating totem columns allow information on them, such as sales prices, to be periodically changed. With this flexibility, they are also well suited to providing customers with continuous varied

Totem column that satisfy international requirements

Our company has been working with reputable international companies under strict contractual conditions. Consequently, we are well acquainted with the visual and quality assurance requirements of large companies. We are proud to report that, during our several years of cooperation, we have successfully satisfied these requirements. If the advertising tool you want to use also have similar corporate specifications, you have found a reliable partner in us. Look at our reference projects, which we offer to substantiate our above statement.

Quality and durable totem columns

The metal, outdoor totem column is highly resistant to weather conditions, so there is no need for frequent maintenance or replacement. An illuminating totem column made of stainless steel, which we professionally ground and place into operation shall stand the test of time. More information about manufacturing and installation can be found in frequently asked questions, and if you have additional questions, ask our colleagues for assistance.

Price of tower and totem column

There are many types of advertising towers and outdoor totem columns, which are made from different materials and processes, all of which affect the final costs. The price of the totem column also depends on its size, shape and design and placement. Therefore, we encourage all our prospective partners to request a fee quote from us, tell us your concept and needs so that our colleagues can help you with all the issues that may arise and give you a precise quote.

Manufacture of tower and totem column

The production process of advertising towers considerably varies. Stainless steel materials that provide the frame and frame structure are designed and prepared by our expert colleagues in our production plant.
Their colouring is made with the same colours as we use with respect to the rest of our outdoor and indoor metal box totem columns, where our customers can choose their desired colour and shades from the RAL range of colours. Due to their size totem columns falling in to this category are always given a concrete foundation. Our technical team, after the on-site survey in pre-production designing phase, specifies exactly what foundation the advertising tower or totem column will require. For illuminating totem columns and advertising towers, the inner light source is provided by LEDs an efficient and economical light sources for everyone. Our electricians install the electrical system with adequate IP protection in the lighthouses.

How do certain types of advertising totems differ?

EThese promotional items are distinguished primarily by their nature. One of the main categories is the disk totem, which is based on the function of a giant light box. The other is the type of totem column placed on the column and raised. Although there are countless variations of each type, before the selection of the advertising space it is important to keep in mind the environment where we want to place it and how far we want to send our message to our customers.

What are totem graphics like?

The production of advertising signs and their graphics can be prepared by printing or by film cutting. In case of the former, photo quality pictures can be placed on the advertising interface. In the latter case, the individual letters are cut out from solid colour film, resulting in colour, but not gradient graphics. As a graphic element, we can also use intarsia to create 3D characters, which become an exciting spectacle due to their structure.

Who installs the advertising totem?

Our specialists perform the production of advertising tools from the beginning of the process to the very end. Thus, the installation and, in accordance with the relevant agreement, the required foundation works are all performed by our company.

What should I do if I can not find the totems among the categories?

Find us and let our colleague know as to where and in what size and what type of imagery you want to use to advertise your company. Our team of experts will assist you commencing from the design and right throughout the entire process.


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