Advertisement signs

A perfectly illuminated advertising board, a stylish company sign, or an amazingly designed advertising totem will instantly enhance the perception with respect to the quality of your business and it will attract more potential customers.

Every brand needs its very own image and continues renewal. An advertising sign plays an enormous role in attracting attention, much depends on how capable it is of attracting looks from its audience. Our speciality is the rapid creation of precision and shaping solutions.
You need to know the goals of your business and the audience you intend to reach. The advertising tool and the unique promotional graphics design are provided by us.

Manufacture of the advertising sign’s structure

Thanks to our years of practice we manufacture advertising signs, advertising equipment for base structures and supporting structures with high precision and competence. In all cases, steel structures are constructed with the customer’s unique requirements. The structure converts the relation between the form elements, the arrangement of the material, and the order of the inner forms. Essentially, we manufacture any steel or optionally aluminium structure. It could be even:
–          The structure of the totem column
–          The basic structure of the advertising signs
–          The structure of façade walls systems

Sheet metal fabrication of the advertisement signs

In the process of sheet metal fabrication, we aim to achieve perfection and our goal is to produce the most complex sheet metal forms. In the course of producing sheet metal products it is our priority to provide the highest quality to our customers. Due to our customer needs, we pay close attention to comply with the deadlines and to perform an accurate and precise work. Be it:
–          sheet bending
–          sheet cutting
–          laser cutting
–          punching
–          folding
–          tube bending
or in case of any kind of metalworking our customers’ needs are the most important to us.

Surface treatment of advertising signs

Many industries deal with this, but most people associate surface treatment with painting, as this is the most common procedure. One of the most effective ways of indoor and outdoor protection is sintering, that is also known as electrostatic powder coating. With this technology, we use a thin plastic coating that guarantees immaculate protection against corrosion for an extended period of time. With this technology we can protect aluminium and metal surfaces to withstand different types of weather conditions and the wear and tear of everyday use, and we do it in an aesthetic form. The thin plastic coating is evenly distributed during sintering and provides a surface which could never be resolved manually or with a paint sprayer. Surface Treatment Techniques:

–          sintering
–          sandblasting, sand spreading
–          lacquering
–          plastic coating
–          surface treatment of stainless steel
–          abrasion, polishing
–          galvanizing
–          anodizing
LED technologydobozbetű 3d felirat reklámfelirat led


There are many advantages for the use of LEDs; low voltage operation, defined characteristics, high
efficiency and lifetime.

LED illumination is very popular worldwide; thus, you can see them in increasingly diverse areas. You can often see it in stores, advertising signs, and in decorative items. It is also suitable for decorative lighting and often used to highlight show cases as it is able to produce beautiful and uniform light output. Its installation is extremely fast and easy. The operating cost of LED lighting is extremely low. Their longevity is exceptional. In the following examples, the specific properties of the LEDs are utilized. It is also worth mentioning that in case of a conventional bulb, the coloured lighting is achieved by colouring the lampshade. For this reason, only one colour will illuminate, namely the one that matches the colour of the ink. In the case of a colour led, only the light of the specified colour is produced, so that the colour light produced by the LED is considerably better. A special feature of colour led lighting is the RGB lighting. All the colours of the rainbow can be produced and it can even provide a wide range of design elements for mood lighting.

Neon technika
allee világítófelirat reklámfelirat neonfelirat signage nyx bepro
The bent neon sign is now a classic advertising solution. One of the nicest and most demanding lighting inscriptions is the neon. Neon sign can display information in daylight, but it especially prevails at night as it’s flashy and it attracts the eye. Neon signs are suitable for displaying line diagrams, inscriptions, and logos for displaying information pictogram. As neon tube is vulnerable it can be placed on different bases (galvanized iron plate, aluminium board, sintered board, dibasic, spacer plexi etc.). Of course, neon signs can be mounted on a wall or façade as well. The neon sign can also be used as a supplement to an advertisement board, it can be combined with other light advertisements, e.g., box-type 3d advertising signs etc. It can also be used as a light source for neon lighting boxes.

Plexi processing

The widespread use of plexi has long been common in the advertising industry. Due to its outstanding aesthetic properties, its formability and the wide choice of colour and material thickness, it is the number one favourite for designers working in advertising industry. Because of its light processing ability, its excellent physical and chemical properties, Plexi has replaced other plastics in many areas. Plexi is thermally softened so it can be easily formed. Combining bending, gluing and other possibilities, you can create extremely diverse shapes. Plexi is processed via saw, grinder and laser. In case of sawing, we can align the material along the straight lines, while milling and laser cutting can be performed along arbitrary curves. Plexi processing techniques:
–          blasting, sand spreading
–          laser cutting
–          CNC milling
–          folding
–          curve bending
–          vacuum formatting
–          precision straight cut