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Production of 3D signs in our own workshop!

Depending on the material used, the production of advertising signs commences in our own production plant. In terms of raw material, lightweight, durable, yet weatherproof, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and Plexiglas solutions are available. In contrast, for interior use, we recommend that the decorations be made of polystyrene foam material. When using aluminium, the work usually begins with CNC milling or in our locksmith production plant. Thereafter, our professionals form the metal shapes into their final state by hand, based on a template. However, the plastic parts of the boxes are made by our plastic industry professionals. In case of aluminium, the final surface treatment task is the durable, plastic-based painting process called powder coating. It is important to know that the colour of surface treatment can only be selected from RAL colour charts. Our electricians install the SMD LED modules designed for this purpose. Once all the components have been completed, they are assembled in the assembly workshop in to a single finished product.



Take full advantage of the surfaces and showcase locations that provide the most impressive appearance for your business. A well-designed, illuminating advertising sign with 3D letters, both on the outside and the inside, can be very eye-catching. We offer first class implementation with respect to creative designs or ideas. We design, manufacture and install your company’s name, logo, or any message that you want people to take note of and memorize. There are countless types of company signs, advertising signs, sign board solutions available. These make it possible to make letters from virtually any material according to your needs, whether they are polystyrene foam, Plexiglas, aluminium or the combination of the last two. Beyond the world of forms, these elements have a unique look provided by direct or indirect lighting. LED or fluorescent lamps may be used as light source.

The production works of 3D polystyrene foam signs usually begins on a computer-controlled work station. After cutting the components of the desired type with a filament, the surface is perfected and painted. Like in case of the aluminium parts, only the RAL colour spectrum can be used with respect to foam letters as well.

3D letters are made with different processes, as a result of which their properties and appearance may be different. Our descriptions and related visual illustration simply present the differences between illuminating and non-illuminated letters, making it easier for you to choose. Each PROFILE category meets both international standards and categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do certain types of box letters differ?

Basically, the appearance of different spatial, plastic letters, are distinguished by its lighting. There are 3D letters that are illuminated only on the front panel or those that cover the wall behind them with scattered light while some solutions provide a combination of these two illumination types. Other profiles emit light on their entire surface, or perhaps a bent fluorescent lamp on the letter itself will draw attention to it. In addition to the direct visual appearance, it is important whether the elements are spaced apart or directly mounted on the wall. With regard to their raw material and structure, what size constraints and possibilities they carry.

What is the box letter 3D sings ordering process?

After you decide what size 3D advertising sign you want and where want it to be placed, our colleagues will ask you for a vector logo. If you do not have this, you have the opportunity for a personal consultation with one of our colleagues specializing in advertising graphics. After determining the size and location, the appropriate PROFILE will be selected. Based on all of the foregoing, we will prepare a fee quote for manufacturing and installation. Upon acceptance of this, the order will be submitted in consideration of an advance in the amount of 50% of the total fee. Finally, after the payment is made, the finished product is fully installed. For unique ideas, our colleagues will accompany you throughout the entire processes up to the last step.

How long does it take to complete the box-letters?

Our letter-boxes and complex advertising signs, depending on their size and design, are made within 10-15 business days of the day the relevant order is received.

How much is the consumption of3D illuminating signs and letter-boxes?

As this depends on both the size of each letter and the size of the entire graphics, it is difficult to determine precisely. As a guideline, we can say that for a 30 cm heigh letter, we can calculate 10 watts for each character. This can be said to be very economical compared to our traditional home lighting. However, an increase in the size of 3D letters also proportionately increases consumption.


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