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The company sign

Even the best business needs a company sign. Regardless of how well known your business or hospitality establishment or restaurant is, your customers will be grateful if they can find you easier. Behind the traditional approach, it is now imperative for a company sign, in metropolitan streets, to be raised above the busy crowed. With a stylish logo or signage on your company sign, you’re drawing attention to your business from a far.

Types of company signs

Further types of company signs and markings related services from the BePro’s portfolio.

Production of advertising company signs and company sign advertisements, shop signs, store signs, façade company signs, advertisement signs for company signs, company advertisement board, etc. Three-dimensional (3D) design, manufacture and on-site installation of company signs either in onesided, oblique or two-sided perpendicular formats.

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Creation, manufacture and structure of company signs

Nowadays, the production of classic, traditional company signs is less common. However, in case of hospitality/restaurant establishments or other business premises, that work with increased opening hours, company signs with a built-in illuminating interior design becomes more important as they ensure excellent visibility during the evening hours. These company signs considerably resemble lighting boxes in their form, structure and production technology. The internal light source is LED in almost every case, providing a cost-effective, efficient solution for displaying the emblem.
Because company signs are typically located on façades – except the department store signs – all elements of their structure are weather-resistant. Our electricians ensure electrical connections with the appropriate IP protection and the frames structure is always composed of stainless UV resistant materials. Metal surfaces are colour-coded and their final shades are selected from RAL colour charts.

First step in designing company signs

First of all, it is important to determine whether a traditional, modern or completely unique company sign would be the most suitable for your business. While making your decision it is worth considering the company’s façade elements and the features of the area where it is located particularly where you intend to place the company sign. If you are uncertain about the answers to these questions, our expert colleagues and designers will be happy to help you designate the right path.
Another important aspect to taking into consideration is the built environment. It is a good idea to check the local area and the local regulations relating to the placement of your advertising or company sign. This can be particularly important with respect to old quarters or houses under monument protection. In these neighbourhoods, even the materials or forms of the company signs may be restricted by local laws and regulations. For more information, see the building code of local government and the provisions of the OTÉK collection.
At the same time, you don’t have to give up on a company sign/marking even in case of strict regulations or complex concepts. Our creative team will find the best available solution.

What is more important the price or the quality of the company sign?

According to a survey on company signs and company labels/logos, conducted in the US, company’s sign plays an increasingly important role in the decision making process of consumers.
While in 2011, 29% of respondents answered yes to the statement that “I entered previously unknown store due to the quality of the company’s sign” in 2012, this number (the number of yes answers) with respect to this same question had increased to 35.8%.
“I associated the quality of goods with the quality and attractiveness of the company sign” on 34.5% said yes in 2011, and 41.5% in 2012. In addition to the price of your company sign, it is more important to focus on the quality of the company logo, as a well-designed and well-executed company sign can help you acquiring new buyers, but also can result in increased profitability.
The research also reveals that a good company sign in addition enhancing and improving new customer’s traffic and quality, it also plays an important role in delivering the first impressions and the personal messages of the brand.

The size of the company sign

The above mentioned research on company logos and company signs published by the University of Cincinnati also contains important comments about the size of the company sign. 81.5% of the respondents think that company signs that are too small or advertising signs that are hard to read are frustrating and distracting. 90.9% of them agree that “the company advertisement must be noticeable and well-readable by a person in a passing by in motor vehicles”.

Store company sign

Today it is customer and even a requirement for company signs to be placed in large shopping centres. Shopping centres nowadays are almost like cities in the city; thus, like on the public streets the company signs are also very helpful in providing information to customers in the halls and corridors of shopping complexes. In these cases, it is typical that the form of appearance of a company sign is defined in both size and style. Since Bepro has a serious routine and considerable experience in manufacturing company sign for department stores and other advertising surfaces, please feel free to contact our colleagues for our assistance.

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Company sign summary table

NameMaterial of company signIllumination source of company signNumber of sides of company sign
Two-sided, square or circular design with flat plexi glass
PlexiIlluminating company sign 2 sided company sign
Company sign with vacuum-formed plexi glassPlexiIlluminating company sign 2 sided company sign
Company sign with an inlaid front plateAluminium+PlexiIlluminating company sign 1 sided or 2 sided
Double-sided company sign with plastic inset
Illuminating company sign 2 sided company sign
Uniquely designed company signuniqueunique company sign 1 sided or 2 sided

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Company sings

For whom and why is a good company sign important?

Company signs are an important element of urban street view, since the Middle Ages. In this lively environment, it is particularly important for shops and hospitality/restaurant establishments to ensure that their business are sufficiently visible. Company signs fixed perpendicularly to the façade are excellent for this purpose, as they can be seen from the most unusual angles while looking into a street.

How do company sign types differ from each other?

The company signs typically differ in shape and composition material and in the way they are made. Their frame can be a circular, an ellipse, a rectangle, or even a specially created shape. Their surface can be made of inlaid aluminium or plexi glass. While their illumination can be focused on the full surface, or just directed into the field of letters and inscriptions.

Is there a maximum size of company signs?

As a result of the production technology, the company signs have no maximum frame size, and we can produce letters and logos placed on them in almost any size. At the same time, from a business decoration and aesthetic perspective it is recommended that the size of the company sign does not exceed the maximum size of 60 x 100 cm.

What kind of graphics can be used for your company sign?

The graphics or letters of the company signs can be made by way of letter cutting and printing. In the case of the former, letter stickers are cut out of a single colour material. This allows us to create a one colour advertisement or a multi-colour advertisement without transition. When printing, you can actually add photo quality graphics to your company sign.

Who supplies the fixing bracket structure to your company sign?

The BePro team is in control of the entire production process, so we also make fixing brackets for our company signs, and the installation is also performed by our colleagues.

How can your control the lighting of the company sign?

Turning on and off your company sign’s lighting can be controlled from our business premises manually or automatically with the use of light sensors or a combination of these two options. Appropriate lighting is especially important when lighting conditions are particularly bad, so that the letters are clearly visible. The automatic light sensor not only takes into account the changes made by the days and nights but also by the weather conditions.


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