Semmelweis Uni

Let us show you the huge illuminated channel letter sign we produced for the 3rd highest building of Budapest.

We brought you some pictures during production and we visited the installation works as well a couple times, so we can show you how a job like this is being done at Bepro. 🙂

The installation: First of all they built a frame which will hold the letters carefully on top of the building. Next step was to elevate the letters to the top of the building. To do that they used an extremely long rope, fixed one letter to it safely with strapes and started to pull it up to the top. To elevate all the letters they needed around one week to be done, because in high wind they were unable to work. Once a letter reached the top, they fixed it to the frame carefully, but more importantly in the right sequence! 😀

Check out the pictures. (Be careful you can easily get your palm wet!) 😀
Video about the sign!