Full facility signaling to Agora!

Bepro participated in an outstanding volume in the preparation of the signaling system of the Agora office buildings. We manufactured and installed a variety of elements within the project, including totem poles, garage signs, directional signs, safety signs and illuminated box letters.

The totems provide an elegant and attention-grabbing appearance at the entrances of buildings, helping visitors and employees to find their way around. The garage signs indicate exactly the direction of the exits and the number of parking spaces, facilitating the placement of vehicles in the area.

Directional signs help people move around the building by precisely marking different rooms and services. This way, employees and guests can easily find the offices, meeting rooms or facilities they are looking for.

Illuminated box letters gave the Agora office buildings a modern look, and make the names of the buildings clearly visible at night. This enhanced the image of the company and contributed to distinguishing the buildings in the environment.

By preparing the signage for the Agora office buildings, Bepro took on a role in the functional and aesthetic design of the buildings, helping visitors and employees find their way around easily and create a professional impression.

The products manufactured for the project:

  • Informational signs
  • Channel letter signs for the facade
  • Directional signs
  • Elevator signs
  • Garage signs
  • Guiding totems


  • Kategória Board sign, Letter sign, Signaling, Totem
  • Kliens Agora
  • Idő 4 months