Two types of lighting on one label!

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to participate in the illuminated signs project for Volta Energy. Through the collaboration, we have created creative and effective solutions that emphasize the company’s innovation and commitment in the field of sustainable energy production.

Illuminated signs present the Volta Energy brand in a stylish and attractive way and help modernize the appearance of the building. We hope that these illuminated signs will raise the visibility and reputation of Volta Energy to a new level and help inspire people to use sustainable energy sources.

The products manufactured for the project:

  • Two giant illuminated channel letter box signs

The logo on the giant signs has a P5 profile and the text is a P3 illuminated sign. Thus, within one inscription, we can see a front and a background type with so-called “crown” lighting.

The sign installed at the entrance is 6.1 x 3.8 meters, and the other sign is 8.1 x 4.7 meters. A total of 529 LEDs were placed in the two signs, and each of them weighs nearly 500 kilos!👌🏼


  • Kategória Letter sign
  • Kliens Volta
  • Idő 2 months