We produced and installed several illuminated signs on the new building of the Intercity Hotel, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Keleti railway station!

It was a great experience to participate in the creation of illuminated signs for the Intercity Hotel Budapest. With unique and attention-grabbing solutions, we helped the building stand out from the rest and communicate with guests in an engaging way. Through precise planning and innovative technologies, we managed to create a defining appearance and atmosphere around the building.

We hope that the illuminated signs contribute to the attractiveness of the Intercity Hotel Budapest and provide a memorable experience for everyone who visits the hotel.

The products manufactured for the project:

  • Illuminated box letter inscription on the roof
  • Illuminated sign above the entrance
  • Illuminated totem next to the entrance
  • Illuminated information board above the garage entrance


  • Kategória Letter sign, Totem
  • Kliens Intercity Hotel
  • Idő 3 months