We produced complete office decoration!

We are proud that we were entrusted with the production of Kostal office decoration. Creating a special office decoration includes many elements to create an impressive and inspiring work environment.

Our glass decorations give the office an elegant and modern look. These eye-catching glass elements contain creative patterns and motifs that enhance the atmosphere of the office and give the glass surfaces a unique character.

Our wall decorations represent special and unique designs that carry inspirational messages, motivational quotes and company values. These wall decorations are an excellent way to visually communicate Kostal’s message and identity to employees and visitors.

We also created indoor illuminated signs and neon signs for the office. These illuminated signs uniquely emphasize Kostal’s name and logo, highlighting the company’s premium appearance and brand. Proper lighting and high-quality materials ensure that these signs remain eye-catching in the long term.

We also produced a rooftop illuminated box lettering, which is located in the upper part of the Kostal building. This luminous box lettering is clearly visible from afar, thus highlighting the location of the office and strengthening the visibility of the company in the building and its surroundings.

The office decorations we produce combine functionality, aesthetics and branding to create an inspiring and professional atmosphere in Kostal’s office.

The products manufactured for the project:

  • Illuminated channel letter sign for the roof
  • Indoor illuminated signs
  • Neon signs
  • Glass films
  • Wall decorations
  • Room name plates
  • Product info plates


  • Kategória Letter sign, Office decor
  • Kliens Kostal
  • Idő 2 months