We present our giant illuminated box lettering for the 3rd tallest building in Budapest!

We brought a few production pictures, and we went outside several times during the installation work, where we also took exciting photos, so that we could present as well as possible how such a large volume of work is done at Bepro! 🙂

The installation process: First, a support structure was assembled, which will keep the letters stable on the top of the building. After this was completed, the letters could be lifted, which (which did not fit in the elevator) were pulled up along a rope with the help of pulleys, after being professionally fixed, from the parking lot next to the building. It took at least 20 minutes to raise a letter and it was forbidden to raise it in case of high winds. So the process itself took about 1 whole week before all the letters were in place. As soon as a letter came up, it was immediately attached to the support structure, luckily in the right order! 😀

And the pictures speak for themselves. (One’s palms sweat easily while looking at the pictures!) 😀

The products manufactured for the project:

  • Giant rooftop illuminated sign and logo


  • Projekt Semmelweis Egyetem
  • Kategória Letter sign
  • Idő 3 months