Intren office decoration

We have just recently completed and handed over a digital marketing agency office of Intren, which we implemented on the basis of the Pivot 270 designs; we are very proud to say that it is one of the best decorations of this year.

A total of 8 of our people worked on the office and the assignment was completed in just 2 weeks. The polygon appearance of animals on the walls projects the feeling that we are in a jungle, helping the people who work there to break away from urban bustle. In addition to the colourful wall decoration, a smaller community space was also created, which also combines natural elements with decoration. A large part of the decoration is a 145m2 customdesigned cut wall sticker, which have greeted on the wall with great attention by our professional staff.

In addition, an Intren sign composed of cut and painted foam letter indicates where the visitors are actually arriving.






All in all, we thought that we jointly nominate the office for the „The Office of the Year” title, one of the most prestigious, highly acclaimed competition between interior designers, contractors, marketing professionals and other workers on the office market

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