Kiehl’s (ALLEE)

We prepared several decorative elements for retail space of Kiehl’s, a distributor of cosmetics products established in the United States.

In the interior of the store, light-emitting inscriptions, copper-plated surface treatment, were used to summon the materials of the instruments found in the old pharmacy. The Kiehl’s sign located on the main wall, received a reversed, uniform, diffused light source that highlights the sign even during daylight and it is visible for walker byers from a considerable distance from the business. The advertising slogan located directly below consists of individual and unique 3D letters. The letters cut from a solid, clear plexi glass, received a thin, copper surface finish. This ensures that the inscription and individual letters have a special spatial appearance and a proper, aesthetic distance from the wall.

The inner side wall was received a black and white decoration with a fluorescence inscription. This neon sign brings back the world of the founding years of 1950, in modern settings. The connecting parts of the letters are discreetly covered, which facilitates readability and reduces the descriptive nature of the sign. You can see an example of a connected unguarded neon sign among the pictures of our NYX project.



We also prepared a unique illuminating box placed on the front of the store. It is unique in that while the notes of the foundation date are made with inlays and deep in the surface, the logo extrudes from the inlay in to the space.

The illuminating box is supplemented by a company sign naturally complemented in colour and style, prepared with a traditional inlay.

Overall, the Kiehl’s project was an exciting assignment, with numerous unique solutions applied.



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