The NYX Cosmetics Company’s image is characterized by black glossy surfaces. As these glossy materials show all errors or inaccuracies, the design of the advertising elements and thus its decoration required special expertise and precision.

On the main wall of the shop there is a large Dibond, an inlaid illuminating box is located which serves as the central element of decoration. This is complemented by the rich detail and tone of the decorative wall paper, which instead of signs is covered in photo graphics. The signs and 3D letters
placed on the top part of the displays are made of solid plexi glass. Thanks to their strong contrast and spatial effect, they remain legible despite the filigree font, and furthermore they are an inseparable part of the decoration as well.



On the side wall, the appearance of the neon sign also on the Dibond light box replaces the traditional advertising function and it rather performs the role of a sign. This sign is well-aligned with the logo above it.

The interior is complemented by an intricate illuminating box fitting to the back wall, with its associated company logo and brand inscriptions.

We are proud of the fact that in NYX’s has entrusted us in several of its stores to prepare their labels, complete decorations and illuminating boxes and continue to embrace our quality work with their trust.


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