Pizza Hut Budaörs

Although the Pizza Hut is located in the Auchan shopping centre in Budaör, we still had plenty of work to do in the small service unit. We prepared an illuminating sign for the pizzeria, an illuminating box, company sign and its decoration elements.

The 3D signs above the counter and the light box adjacent to it posed a considerable challenge. The company logo is a unique combination of box letters, with a plexi glass face illuminating in white and the sides are made of black coloured aluminium. This basic design conforms to the Profil04 form. In this case, however, the letters emit diffuse light towards the wall, which, unlike the front light, is red. The peculiarities of the lustrous, scattered light on the back are enhanced by a honeycomb grid mounted behind the letters. The logo was placed on the plexi glass surface of the light box advertising the logo film-cut. The installation of advertising signs and lattice was hampered by the façade design which is following the arch of the restaurant space. All of these together, however, reinforce the appearance of the signs as part of the decoration.



Above the server area, two light boxes help customers keep track of their orders and payment location. They were made with black-coloured surface, plexi inlays. They were installed from the ceiling with the use of a fixed hanging structure, in such manner that the fitting works itself serves as a decoration element.

In the background, a black, rolling table was placed part of the decoration, which can flexibly used by the staff as a partition. Above that also as part of the decoration several printed boards are affixed to provide the selection of foods to the customers.

The Pizza Hut located in Budaörs is an excellent example to show that the appropriate and demanding attention-grabbers must be placed even in the smallest spaces.


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